Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Attending Training - Putrajaya

19/7/2011 Tuesday

Company sent me to attend a training course ><
The location is quite far, no...is very very very far @@ "Putrajaya"

My course title: Awareness Seminar on Environmentally Hazardous Substances Notification and Registration Scheme (EHSNR) for Chemical Industries

The Dewan Baiduri of Department of Environment Putrajaya is our hall to attend the course..
This dewan is damn cold ==''' really beh tahan, cant sit comfortable during the course...

Quite Sien also~ haha...but i spent my free time to capture some pictures over there...XD

Let enjoy~~~~ ^^

+My Training's File+

+Training's Hall+

+Training's Notes+

+My Certification+

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