Thursday, February 17, 2011

今年的Valentine's Day,是最后一次以《单身》的身份来庆祝《情人节》

14/2/2010 星期一,今天是情人节~
今天有做工,明天虽然是假期,但是我公司是没有这么好死的,所以我有上班 ==
新年的气氛还没有过完呢,心情还是一直想出去玩的 ><

冲凉,换衣服,再做一个full mask才出门,哈哈~
但是就是没有化妆 >< 麻烦啦,化妆要时间,回到家又要卸妆,浪费我的睡眠时间,想到明天8am开工,swt,哪来的闲情!!!

不错下,可以拍拍照,可以跑跑,可以到处看看~浪漫浪漫下~ 《节省啊!》
我的玫瑰在家,没有拿出来show show~哈哈~ 《浪费掉!》

而且价钱上也。。。RM80以上的~ == 两个人不就RM200++ 《三思三思!》
所以就到Kim Gary 吃,哈哈~
价钱上,都不用到RM50,还有的找钱!开心就好^^我喜欢就好^^ 你管我 XD

Saturday, February 12, 2011

+Pak tor with my hubby kenny 初五+

Date: 7/2/2011 星期一 (初五)

Venue: 天后宫,Mid Valley- GSC, Sushi King, The One Cafe

Today, go paktor with my hubby kenny ^^
early morning, we go to thean hou temple, 拜拜, 烧香,求签...and also take picture around there~
The weather is hot @@ too crowded overthere~

Very hungry, then we just leave there, and straight away go to mid valley there to cure our stomach..haha..《Sushi King》

Afterthat, walk around inside the MV, hope to get some nice pictures there, but disappointed..
the decoration there all disappeared already @@ so fast~ only 初五 leh ==

nevermind, just simply walk there and waiting time pass..haha
then time up, want go watching movie jor... 《我爱香港,开心万岁》
Quite nice, not bad XD

After this, go back to home bathing, and get ready to next round..haha..
celebrate jowie's birthday ^^
today really full of activities..
although just simple..but i like it..coz can together with my hubby kenny! muackssssss!!!!

+Kota Damansara Trip 初四+

Date: 6/2/2011 星期日 (初四)

After we went to visit eva's house, and get ang pao from her parent...
then we go to sunway giza there having our lunch...《Ipoh Ipoh》

Afterthat, sure got second round lo, going to Sing K... 《大嘴叭》

Although only 4 of us, but it is nice ^^

+Jogoya 初二 2011+

Date: 4/2/2011 星期五 (初二)

Time: 530pm

Venue: Jogoya - Starhill

Cost: RM114 nett for each person (included tax)

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

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