Thursday, November 25, 2010

+Attending Training Course+

My manager send me to attend a training, to build up myself, (what in my mind)

Training Course: ISO 9001 Process Based Internal Auditing
Venue: Kota Permai, located at Kota Kemuning, Shah Alam
Date: 22-23/ 11 / 2010
Time: 9am - 5pm

During the course, it is very interesting because got a very nice trainer to guide us,
if not, it will become a very boring course ><

Get to learn more about the ISO, for a systematic process approach/procedure, have to follow 100% of the company Quality Manual which obtain own Quality Policy and Quality Objective.

ISO sounds like serious and scare people, because ISO stand for "ITU SUSAHKAN ORANG"
haha~~~ sound funny~~~ trainer told us the meaning of ISO!!!

From this training, get to learn, gain knowledge,
but, only wasting my sleeping time and energy to go there ><
because it is really damn far from my house!!!

Have to wake up at 6am, and get out at 7am, reach there only 7 something @@ (worry about traffic jam),
and have to drive a long distance to there, first time to go there, hard for me to remember the way to go (worry about lost)......

But the environment there, quite nice also, because inside resort mah ==
here are some pictures ^^

Sunday, November 14, 2010

+Kill Routine with Judy Lin 告别惯例+

Event: Kill Routine With Judy Lin
Date: 17/10/2010 Sunday
Venue: The Garden Hotel & Residences - The Gardens Ballroom
(Level 5)

Attending the hair styling event, that organized by Mina & Schwarakopf professional .
This is a good experience to learn a lots about the hair styling, hair caring, hair fashions and all about the hair !!!
Furthermore, got the chance to meet Judy Lin, famous artist in Taiwan ^^
She is quite friendly and nice...
And also got the chance to meet the local Astro's artists as well...
With nearest distance...WOW...

By the way, the OSIS+ products, really quite attractive, hope to get one full set of it..haha ^^
but i know, this is impossible for me to achieve it...because got no sponser willing to do this for me ><>

Hope got more opportunities to participate those related events !!!
Hair care, Skin care, Beauty and Slimming, whatever !!!! ^^ kaka~

+Wedding Cakes+

WOW....Extremely Nice !!!!!

I hope I can get one that belong to me during my actual wedding dinner night!!!



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