Sunday, December 26, 2010

+The HIVE; Singpore+

THE HIVE, the place we stayed during we were in the Singapore ^^
Located at Lavender Road, near by Boon Keng~
It is easy to go there and got MRT station, very convenience to go anywhere you like XD

We stayed there for 2 night, since 22/12/2010 we start to departure from Time Square,KL at 10pm..
Reach the Singapore custom, about 2am++, arrived Golden Mile about 330am @@
then take taxi to THE HIVE, only 430am...
OH NO~ they start business at 730am ==

NO choice, we just wait in front the entrance,
maybe we are too noisy, until the owner woke up...haha..
open the door let us in, LUCKILY~

Finally, we can rest inside, rather than beside the road...wakaka~

WAH!!! really tired nia, almost whole night never sleep~
cant sleep well~ afterthat, hv to washing and get ready go start our journey~

although it was really tired but still very enjoying during the trip...
keep walking, keep eating, keep capturing, keep.....

but this journey, look SHORT...haha..not enough for me~
hope can go there again~ although I went Singopre few times ago...
haha....BUT still cannot satisfied myself~ haha XD

DATE: 22/12/2010 - 25/12/2010

TIME: departure 10pm, back 230pm

VENUE: Singapore; Universal Studio; Sentosa; Marina Bay Sand; Clarke Quay; Chinatown; Little India; Orchard Road; Bugis; Boon Keng; Promenade.....

Participant: Catherine, Kenny, Daniel, Danny, Sam, Sam mother, Mandy, Jowie, Kelly, Kelly sister and mother....


+Refer to the price list...acceptable+

+Breakfast provided by THE HIVE+

+WiFi, internet computer...FREE+

+our breakfast station+

+TV facility+


+Sofa & TV facilities+

+Big mirror+


+again internet supply+

Monday, December 20, 2010

+PJ area half day Trip+

19/12/2010 Sunday

Today, i go pak tor with my hubby - kenny~
First, we are going to 1 Utama walk walk... quite jam, because so many cars on the road ==
parking also hard to find, spend around 30minutes to get the parking slot @@

Afterthat, we go have our breakfast, at the same time is our lunch too...haha XD
Finding a place to sit down and eat...also tough ><
Finally, we went to the 《Lam Mee Ya》
and then, we go SS, take a lot of pictures ^^

After 1 Utama, we went to sunway pyramid again..^^
we go makan dessert..龟灵膏~ Yummy~~~

And then, sure going to SS again lah..haha ^^

Waiting the time pass.......
We went to puchong again, to celebrate Wai Leong birthday...
this restaurant is quite nice, food also boleh tahan, situation also not bad, but got people singing there...a bit noisy lo..hard to chit chat..^^
this restaurant call 《V One Concept Restaurant》

+Oriental Chicken+

+honey lemon chicken+

Afterthat, we went to final round again, kelana jaya, Murni...yamcha again...
But only sit there for a while.. ><
want to go back sleep XD

Saturday, December 18, 2010

+Christmas Decoration +

+Pavilion - take from up floor+

+Pavilion - decoration+

+Pavilion - front view+

+Pavilion - outside view+

+Farenheit - top view+

+Farenheit - Christmas Tree+

+Sg Wang - top view+

+Sg wang - Stage+

Friday, December 17, 2010

+KL shopping day with my sister+

12/12/2010 Sunday

GO gai gai with my sister~ Sg Wang, Time Square ^^

Early morning reach there, kena tipu by those damn People
keep asking me and my sister sign for them,
before signing, i GOT ask, "only sign right, got nothing else 1 oh..."
the guy reply me, "我不是坏人"
after i signed, the guy ask me to "DONATE" RM60, 3o, 20 ......
Then i argue, i never said i want to give any money, and before that i already asked, got nothing after i signed for you....
the guy told me, "i never said that, i just said 我不是坏人"

WAH! WAH! WAH! I really beh tahan....GO YAKSI LAH!!!!
They very BISING!!! Very FAN...just give RM20 to stop their mouth!!!
BUT my sister very cham, kena tipu RM40 >

Afterthat, we just go to the T-bowl having out breakfast + lunch ^^ wakaka!!!!
The meal look nice, but the taste okok lah..haha..
I saw the people going there, only take picture rather than makan there...haha XD

After meal, sure going to SHOPPING lah..haha..
buying~~~ WOW~~~~
but i just teman my sister buying her shirt...
i just see see there, got thing then only buy~
Shopping = Keep fit... XD .... know!!!










+lunch time with my sister+

17/12/2010 Friday

Today lunch, going out with my sister, to kepong metro prima,
Italy restaurant, the meal set inside is nice, got chance must go and try try ^^
mat salleh opened, definitely is made by Italy...haha..
and extremely delicious~
will not bored with the food XD lemon tea finished, just change to coke == +

+This mushroom soup, damn nice, must TRY+

+This is my ^^ spaghetti +

+This is my sister meal - spaghetti +

+Supper, McD+

16/12/2010 Thursday

After dinner, going out to YAMCHA at Mc Donald, kota damansara, 9pm++
continue my yummy supper...haha..
getting fatter and fatter @@ OH NO!!!

want keep fit, diet, also hard...*sigh*
i think should be >>> HELP HELP HELP!!!

eat first before thinking so much..wakaka~
nice~ delicious~《 i'm loving IT 》

+nugget inside ^^ as below+

+nice bubur ayam+

+big fried+

+cola, with unlimited refill XD+

+without them, no more delicious :P +

+Total spent @@ +

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