Monday, January 3, 2011

+Paktor at 1U+

Date: 2/1/2011 Sunday
Time: about 2pm
Venue: 1 Utama

Finally can go shopping with my hubby already, feeling quite a time never paktor with him jor~ :P 《二人世界》

Today, quite a lot of people going 1 U leh, why ar @@
always face the same problem, hard to find parking~ almost spent 30 minutes to get it....

After get the parking, sure have to go to cure my stomach loh~~~ *damn hungry* ><
Hope to having lunch at Secret Recipe, who knows ==
The waiters there...really kek sei....slow motion + moody to work...ask them go back to sleep lah, less of energy like dreaming there 《简称梦游》

some more, happen something, *Angry*
once, my hubby and I going to counter there order a slide of cake, when we went back to our place, got 1 pair of malay couple sit on our place....
I am using my eyes to stare at them kuat kuat, and scolding there...
My mood already angry jor, PLS don't blame me lo...Just can said you Bad Luck!

After a while, the couple run away and sit outside, and then my hubby pull back the table, so i sit back to his side...
HNG! At last, you also feeling uncomfortable to run away leh....GOOD!!!

But in the end, we also didn't having our lunch there, because waiting more than 30 minutes already, no more excuse for us to wait again, our people that come late also had their meals already, where ours?
So, my hubby just ask them to cancel and bill!!!

Then we went to try new things, "Otak-Otak"..hehe
we never try there, this is introduce by our "黎明姨", don't know you guys know her or not XD
The otak-otak really very tasty, Yummy!!! but the size a bit small, not enough for me to eat..haha
but i order the asam laksa, the taste not really good, make me cant finish it ><
regret to order it jor~ haiz~~~

But then, the decoration there, quite nice and amazing,
they use the 80-90's childhood generation design the shop, you can feeling it and recall back when you was young ^^ 《sweet memory》

After our lunch, then we go search for the jewelery outlets,
WAH, really hard to get a pair of nice and ngam wedding rings....

We search for DeGem, the design quite nice, but the price even more nicer ><>
Then, My Diamond, this not bad, still can accepted, but my hubby said still over budget a bit...WuWu T___T
Poh Kong, Wah Chan, Tomei....the nice and low quality...Cant accepted!

I still want to looking for the Diamond & Platinum, Lazo Diamond....where is the most best outlet located? i want to visit there!
Still got others nice jewelery outlets ar???

+Menu - like our Nota in the school ^^+

+Otak-otak (fish)+

+Coke Float+

+Asam laksa+

Saturday, January 1, 2011

+Celebrate new year 2011 at Desa park City+

After dinner at full house, sunway giza~
Then continue our journey to desa park city, manjalara~
1030pm reach there, looking for parking~
really crowded~ traffic jam, people jam, parking jam...Wah!!!
parking hard to find, but finally we get a place, luckily havent pass 12am to countdown...hehe

This year fireworks is not bad, NICE!
some more, this year got carnival stalls much people...
And not less, Open Air Disco...haha...
really crazy there, all people jumping, dancing HIGH!!!
but for me, i just looking around, see they having fun only, didn't take part on it...keke
old jor more enery!!!

1am++ only go back to home,
before that, i met my friends there, Joe, Calvin and their GF..^^
really quite a long time, never meet choice lah, they got no time to come out 1..hard to make appointment with them..wakaka~

when reach home, already 2am+ lo~
Wah! Damn tired and Sleepy!!!
i really beh tahan any more....OLD JOR LOH!!!!!
Time to sleep~ until tomorrow 2pm++....
@@ spent almost 12 hours for sleeping...GENG!!!

Below shown the pictures that i took at Desa Park City, show you guys that didn't celebrate new year there ^^

+New Year Meal+

Date: 31-12-2010 Friday
Time: 830pm
Venue: Full House, Sunway Giza
Participant: Me catherine, My hubby Kenny, My best friends Anson and Elaine

This new year meal really cost us a lot... ><
豪豪的吃一餐!!! GENG arh!!!!
each person cost around RM80+ (below shown the meal we had on the last day of 2010)

The taste ok lah, still can be accepted geh~
only the decoration is worth jek..haha (Maybe)

having dinner, capture pictures, chit chat there, to spend time..
talking about...any special things happen during 2010, any success during 2010, any hope for coming 2011... bla bla bla... XD

Just hope everything will be fine ^^
Everyone in peace ^^
Everything is smooth ^^
NO more troublesome around us...
Stay in happiness always ^^
Good Luck !!!!


+Drink - Ice lemon tea+

+Main course - Chicken leg chop+

+Dessert - chocolate cake+
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